G-Nemo Fashion Agency consults brands, agencies and trade show organisers. .

Our 3 step strategy is as follows:


Status quo analysis
- Goal setting
- Pragmatic               implementation


We provide insights   into

- Market opportunities
- The competitive      surrounding
- Target segments
- E-retail                  opportunities
- Psychological          barriers
- Sales systems


The fitting strategy for the product which is to place.

Realise chances and avoid risks.


The right person in the right position.


- 23 years                 experience in the     fashion branch


- Over 450 clients


- 1500 successful       mediations


We did ‘Networking’ before digitalisation became a buzzword. .

The tasks have changed over time, but the people remain the most important ingredient to success.


We cover all relevant positions from management to  merchandise


Active sourcing and Headhunting


Don't lose control.


Market monitoring and analysis.


Only a well-informed company knows when and how to react on current developments.


G- Nemo Fashion Agency offers the management of agency activities  and monitoring of seasonal develop-ment.


Monitoring of

- Competitors

- Selling systems

- Market                   development


Reports and course of action recommendations are just as important as obligatory.



Recognize niches and use them.


A good product is  no guarantee for success. Similarly important are


- Back Office            support

- Concept

- Distribution


- Communication



There is a fierce competition in the German speaking territories.


G-Nemo Fashion Agency takes over the leading of the sales and the back-office function.


Knowing clients means to sell